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Status: Beta-ish

Q: What does this style do for me ?
A: It removes spam; everything but the stream-ads.
It removes nags and bloats such as the reminders of cache, outbox, new features, promotion pages etc.

Neato Tips n Tricks:
* ALT + T = Enable/Disable Theathre mode
* ALT + L/R = Hides/Shows Left/Right-menu

Installation and Cookie-nag Removal Agreement:
By installing this userstyle you understand that '' will still store and maintain your usage information and that this userstyle simply removes the 'nag' of said actions.

More info
Changelog v1.7.0323:
* anti-nag: removed the vod "muted audio" popup (will make this a useroption next update)

Changelog v1.7.0323:
* bugfix: personal clips/menu is now accessable again
* patch: updated for new twitch

Changelog v1.7.0320:
* anti-nag: "new! followers-only mode"
* anti-nag: "introducing automod"

Changelog v1.7.0212:
* misc: css cleanup
* anti-nag: 'check out the best clips' (todo: 'enjoying')

Changelog v1.7.0208:
* feature improvement: clip css now has its own space, also patched a bug & slimmed the page even further

Changelog v1.6.1223:
* anti-jnk+nag: cleaned up the clips page

Changelog v1.6.0917:
* anti-nag: removed the 'login to follow' box above the player window when watching as guest

Changelog v1.6.0917:
* misc/fix: transfered the nick colordb to its own userstyle userstyles.org
* anti-nag: removed the 'spam goes here' nag in mail/inbox page

Applies to:,, ^https?://(www\.)?twitch\.tv/.+/popout$

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