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Status: Complete (mainly tweaking now)

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Fight the KAds: uBlock Origin or Ghostery w/ Anti-Ad Killer

Q: Why should I install this?
A: Because P:ABE makes pages much more enjoyable as it..
+ Removes* all visible ads and reduces bloats
+ Contains PURE CSS free from any spy/malware
+ Reorganizes features and puts them in focus
+ Built to co-exist with other addons & styles

Not convinced ?
<- Look at them sexy screenshoterinos! LOOK at EEM!½!

Q: Ok so what is "P:ABE" / "Project: ABE" anyways ?
A: 'Project: A Better Experience' aims at improving the user-experience by for instance hiding unwanted elements (and to run on all Stylish-supported browsers)!
*See: Kurim@userstyles (or changelog) for more information

More info
2017/02/21 - update:
Because uBlock Origin and other extensions alters/removes page-data I'm looking at implementing user-options where people can chose what tools they are using to allow P:ABE to better co-exist with those tools, misc todo: Continue correcting element values & fix the broken anime summary/popup

Changelog v1.7.0317:
* misc/twk: css spring-cleaning
* hotfix: KA170317VPJS

Changelog v1.7.0316:
* update: captchabox for when ka claims it's "under attack" is now visible in order to continue
* patch: resolved a regexp leak causing the vp css to become global
* fix/tweak: videopage & url-matcher improved to support the server switch - reported by
* misc/note: vp still needs a couple of updates to better accommodate 3rd party servers

Changelog v1.7.0303:
* anti-ads: added a experimental global fix that deals with for instance the new player-page junk

Changelog v1.7.0301:
* misc/fix: restored the summary popup (todo: location fix)
* anti-ads+: cleared out junk from the player body/wnd
* misc/fix: lights out should be working again now
* anti-ads: VideoPage AdContainer
* misc: updated version data
* anti-jnk+: removed right-nav ad/garb-container on frontpage

Changelog v1.7.0217:
* misc/upd: removed the forcing of color values for the disqus container
* fix/upd: hopefully/finally resolved the loaderpage borkage on chromium browsers
* patch: (ongoing) improving on old injected containers (opera presto issue)
* anti-ads: several improvements on the anti-ads systems
* patch: resolved the missing text bug in za footer

Changelog v1.7.0212/3:
* patch: added initial div to exceptions to display the KA loadingscreen
* patch: missed to exclude 'lights off' in the global L/R adfix - reported by
* feature+: added a real neato infobox to help with debugging
* anti-ads: front-page L/R ad-fix (KA1702LRFP) - reported by

Changelog v1.7.0115:
* tweak: removed the "quality selector" text alltogether as it's honestly not needed
* tweak: lamp location (todo: patch for server-selector which is not always present)

Changelog v1.7.0109:
* tweak: added (hopefully working) text fixes for opera presto users
* tweak: css cleanup
* tweak: improving and making room in the player-nav, also tweaked the lamp

Changelog v1.7.0105:
* tweak/bugfix: updated videopage to accept special characters - reported by

Changelog v1.7.0103:
* patch: fixed a width bug caused by one of the videoplayer features
* misc: small cleanup

Changelog v1.6.1026/8:
* anti-ads: removed the ad container within 'related anime' in the anime/show page
* anti-ads: added a improved block for updated version of the L/R KAdborder

Changelog v1.6.0922-3:
* tweak: updated a couple of regexp strings
* misc/new: starting to introduce alternative url matching
* misc/fix: Opera Presto - removed the blackscreen & overlapping playbutton while in 'HTML5' mode
* ^note: play pause, volume etc will not work under this mode, use FLASH player for them
* misc/fix: corrected the regexp for mobile pages
* misc/fix: updated the videopage regexp to support the new disqus update
* misc/fix: fixed the 'the the' typo :^)
* tweak: moved the block for external player and bookmarker
* tweak: fixed/slimmed the long 'external player' text to avoid overlapping w/ kaDDL links

Changelog v1.6.0918/21:
* tweak/fix: made the tooltip global & relocated it for the bookmark list - report by
* tweak: updated/moved the external player option/text from overlapping the bookmark feature

Changelog v1.6.0912:
* cleanup: removed obsolete front page anti-nag for the removed adnotice
* misc/fix: heightfix for frontpage scroller/latest update, should now be displaying everything

Bug Report & Feature Request Credit History:,,,,,,,,

* tweak(vp): resolve gobal lamp-location for when KA uses alternative long af episode-names
* misc.(vp): re-work the player-page to try and permanently prevent ka-update issues
* issue(vp): fix player2 width bugs on chrome
* misc.(vp): see if bookmarker would fit top-menu better
* issue(gl): if possible prevent the aggressive newtab/popup-Ads
* tweak(gl): update regex(p) to only be used as fallback.

ps: To you derps leeching my anti Ad/kAdguard or other fixes w/o leaving credit: Yer fookn welcome

Applies to:
^https?://(www\.)?kissanime\.[a-z]{2,3}/(M.*|mobile)$, ^https?://(www\.)?kissanime\.[a-z]{2,3}/.*$, ^https?://(www\.)?kissanime\.[a-z]{2,3}.*$, ^https?://(www\.)?kissanime\.[a-z]{2,3}/Anime/.*$... More »

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