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Status: Complete (rem: port and adoptation patches)

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Fight the K*Ads: uBlock Origin or Ghostery w/ Anti-Ad Killer

Q: Ok so why should I install this?
A: Because it makes KC much more enjoyable as it;
+ Removes* all visible ads and reduces bloats
+ Reorganizes features and puts them in focus
+ Improves KC with slick n' sick design updates
+ Contains 100% pure CSS free from any spy/malware

Not convinced ?
<- Look at them sexy screenshoterinos! LOOK at theeem!½!

Q: Ok so what's "P:ABE" / "Project: ABE" anyways ?
A: Project: 'A Better Experience' aims at improving the user-experience by for instance hiding unwanted elements.
*See: Kurim@userstyles for more info

More info
Anti-KAdguard fix for Ublock Origin users:
in settings > my filters > add: ||$subdocument,first-party

todo: slim the videonav to prevent it from breaking structure

Changelog v1.7.0109:
* tweak: corrected the new vp 'ab' fix - issue reported by

Changelog v1.7.0103:
* anti-ads: removed 2 new adcontainers in video/player page
* tweak: improved on the lamp container
* cleanup: removed dead/un-used css
* patch: corrected the string for the loading animation
* patch: updated url matching-method - issue reported by

Changelog v1.6.0427:
* core-upd: removed Left/Right adcontainer, merged a few fixes from KA-P:ABE
note: i plan to merge all kissXsites into one and retire *anime, *manga and *cartoon.
stay tuned!
Previous Changes:
* tweak: changed background priority level to allow recoloring from additional themes
* patch: fixed a minor bug in the player-menu
* anti-ads: reappearing L/R-frame adboxes - issue reported by
* core-upd: ported the 151113 css from KAPABE (fixed: pwnd, fpadbox, iframes+)
* new: ported the anti-ddos loader fixes from KAPABE
* patch: improved on two url-matchers by switching detect-metod to url-prefix
* patch: updated the 'remove ads' tag
* anti-ads: removed a new type of adbody/-overlay
* core: ported and adopted KA-PABE v1.5.0606
* core: adopted updates from KA-PABE v1.5.0123-0203
* core: adopted updates from KA-PABE v1.5.0120
>tweak: improved and re-implemented the kc-bookmark feature
>tweak: reorganized the video description/filename and download section
>anti-bloat: removed the "html5 player for mobile" option
>tweak & anti-bloat: nulled hidden iframes+divs: empty space above player-window removed
>tweak: unstuck the "Filename:.." line from the player window area
>tweak(mini): improved the disqus text button and area
* misc/tweak: ported the 'KA P:ABE' core userstyles.org

todo: 'show DISQUS'-button for videopage / either wait for KA/C or inject my own

Applies to:
^https?://(www\.)?kisscartoon\.[a-z]{2,3}.*$, ^https?://(www\.)?kisscartoon\.[a-z]{2,3}/$, ^https?://(www\.)?kisscartoon\.[a-z]{2,3}/(Genre/|CartoonList).*$, ^https?://(www\.)?kisscartoon\.[a-z]{2,3}/Cartoon/.*$... More »

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