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Added by Kurim@userstyles, Created: Sep 02, 2014, Updated: Aug 12, 2016
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A Global darkness style for webpages & browser ui:s.
Status: Early BETA

Submit bugreports as: No rating (just a question/comment)

Note: Some things can't be solved css alone.
For that Ive started working on a light Global G/V/TM script.

Colors: Black Backgrounds and Various Blue Texts

Custom Exclude: Manually exclude URLs with RegExp (,
 a single url type1 > imgur\\.com
 a single url type2 > imgur\\.com/gallery/
multiple urls type1 > bing\\.com|imgur\\.com|nasa\\.gov
multiple urls type2 > (bing|imgur)\\.com|nasa\\.gov
(I'm still tweaking this so keep a backup.txt if possible)

UserStyle Settings:

More info
Twitch BlackWindow Note: Twitch recently added a forced adcontainer over the flash window.
You can remove this with or with uBlock Origin by adding this line to 'My filters'
The option: 'AGENT_SHEET' will help darken your browser and pages even further-
However! It will also effect & knock-out for instance firefox's page-inspector.

Chrome users: reinstall ALL styles manually if there's updates for them.
The built-in Style updater is currently borked and will NOT apply updates correctly.

bugs(2fix): ff black rightclick icons, 4chan post(orange) highlighter, oddshot video window, twitter profile banners/logos, youtube thumbs, twitch vod flash player

changelog v1.6.08012:
* temp/fix: restored profile option icons for the userstyles forum

previous changes:
* name/proj: style now just called 'Global Style - Pitch Black' w/o the 'Firefox/Chrome/Opera'
* tweak/del: removed imgur from custom excluder and replaced it with spotify/play
* patch/fix: (testing) cleared #000 background for styled div text(captions)
* patch/fix: text within buttons etc now uses an black outline
* patch/fix: restored vidzi player/video window
* patch/new: custom rule for youtube removing the bugged highcontrast images
* overhauling: new text colors (wip), options to set colors will be eventually offered
* patch: fixed the userstyle install buttons
* patch: overhauled the style; less but more effective rules giving a wider darkness effect
* fix: restored style options / exluder should be working again
* patch: another tsp exclude for prisjakt
* patch: transparent excludes for twitch (streamer search popup & chat emote list popup)
* patch: added transparent fixing some embedded videoplayers (this also broke other things.. grr)
* patch: for some reason the setting for excludes were removed, should be working again now
* ongoing: the battle between black-out tags and transparent popups & menus
^ example: transparent-bg fixes twitter picture-viewer but breaks twitch-popups
* patch: fixed a bug with divs blocking the videotag surface
* cleanup: removed obsolete fixes for twitch
* patch: added additional bgc overrides
* patch: fixed various hidden texts (ebay reviews etc)
* feat/new: user-options to exclude links/urls/domains
* core/upd: moved back to regexp to allow advanced options
* tweak: updated/prefected prefixes
* patch: added addon-containers
* patch: added forced background to list items containing a div
* patch: forced bbg on hover info popup for imgur
* patch: transparent to certain text/titles
* patch: card-popup for twitch + emote-list
* patch: preview-popups for 4chan and more
* patch: classes named popup now has black background
* patches: bypassed '!important;' on prisjakt text and w3schools background
~ ongoing: working with fixing glitches caused by transparency
* patch: restored a couple of more media windows
* bg.color.upd: added a lightgrey background to marked text
* patch: forced black to body bgc
* overhaul: restored previously 'hidden' images, videos etc
* patch: switched over to url-prefix
* patch: fixed userstyle image preview
* patch: fixed instagram
* patch: fixed image-viewer for twitter (todo: player)
* patch: fixed the twitch html5 playerwindow
* patch: minor improvements
* color-update: url-highlight set to darkblue
* color-update: marked-text set to darkblue
* patch: restored bgimages for various pages
* rework: experimental fix for the google buttons
* patch: blacked various buttons
* patch (hitbox): restored the bg value for the player

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