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Added by William Borum@userstyles, Created: Aug 25, 2015, Updated: Apr 03, 2017
With the style applied
Slide-out Multireddit Bar
Header Color


Now has custom colors for the header!

Naut is a customized CSS for reddit made by reddit user Cryptonaut, found on /r/Naut. It is used in many subreddits natively through subreddit styles and RES. I made a global version of Naut's night-theme for my own personal use, but I thought someone else might like it.

Note: To make this style universal, you have to turn off "allow subreddits to show me custom themes" under display options in your reddit preferences. Or if you use RES, you can turn off individual subreddit styles that do not work well with Naut.

My New Reddit Themes
- Reddit - Naut 4.0 -
- Reddit - Dark Naut 4.0 -

More info
Apr 3
- Fixed visual glitch with /r/place on the sidebar, temporary removal
Mar 15 2017
- Added dual-colored comments from 4.0
- Made OP comments distinguished with blue
- Fixed no logout button in the top-right header
- Fixed white-themed selected list in the multireddit slider
- Fixed beta indication overlap in header
- Made multireddit slider the default option
- Fixed white theme while adding a subreddit to a multireddit
Sep 12
- Fixed no dark theme on
- Made the multireddit bar better fit the dark theme
Aug 2
- Made some changes for people who don't turn off subreddit styles
Jun 5
- Removed light-themed background when selecting flairs
- Removed light-themed tickers in the sidebar
- Fixed reddit beta indicator being too obtrusive
May 20
- Fixed many issues with reddit api document theme
Apr 24
- Fixed white-themed RES CSS style ticker
Apr 3
- Fixed sidebar being greyed out
Mar 1
- Made login popup darker
- Fixed some black text in live threads
Feb 28
- Made visited link color more pronounced
- Fixed white theme on new comment message
- Fixed black text on old messages
Feb 5
- Made it so you could see if you visited a link from the frontpage
Jan 27
- Fixed white theme on RES table alert message
Jan 20
- Fixed submission button disappearing from random subreddits
Jan 13
- Added user karma score to the user header
- Fixed user header being indented differently
- Fixed bug where the active submission comment was white in the new version of RES
- Fixed bug where the active mail was white in the new version of RES
Jan 11
- Fixed bug where the active comment was white in the new version of RES
- Fixed white background on RES vote weight
Dec 24
- Made user and subreddit RES preview darker.
- Made reddit gold goal darker too.
Dec 8
- Changed permalinked comment color to dark grey.
- Fixed bug with RES NAV not being themed.
Nov 24
- Fixed RES Comment Navigation Toggle not being themed.
Nov 9
- Fixed no theme on coded comments with no RES installed.
Nov 5
- Fixed white comments with no RES installed.
- Fixed no theme for coded comments with no RES installed.
- Fixed subreddit list being unreadable with no RES installed, changed to header color.
- Blue-Grey is now the default color for the header.
Nov 3
- Added header color options!
- Changed permalinked comment color to grey.
Nov 2
- Added option for a slide-out multireddit bar.
- Fixed permalinked comments being hard to read.
- Fixed mail icon being too high.
- Fixed user page having white boarders.
Oct 30
- Fixed no theme on coded comments.
Oct 23
- Fixed no theme on submission of new post.
- Fixed RES live preview not being themed.
- Fixed no theme being applied to the source of a comment.
- Fixed no theme being applied to viewing the parents of a comment.
Oct 17
- Fixed problem with white comments showing in Firefox.
- Fixed messages page not being themed.

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CC0 1.0 Universal.
William Borum@userstyles has waived all copyright and related or neighboring rights to Reddit - Dark Naut Style, to the extent allowed by law.

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