This style was deleted by its author, Bubi@userstyles

Bubi@userstyles deleted this style because of "This style is now obsolete, since they are constantly changing the css IDs and CLASSes. I've got a fulltime job to do, too :P"

Try every page glassed, without textshadows, req 19104 instead of this deleted style.

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Google plus 2.0 wide

Added by Bubi@userstyles, Created: Apr 10, 2012, Updated: May 19, 2012
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A style for the newly released style update for google plus. On widescreens you see a huge empty space, which is not really used, except for some uninteresting "trendy" stuff.
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Update 18.05: Now I've got time, I noticed another change of the css classes naming. It is a mess by google, really. I've got the feeling, there are more CSS classes on google plus then there are school classes on this planet.
Also, I left the screenshots to remember how decent google plus looked back in the time

NOTE: the empty space on the very right can't be removed because it's some auto resizing stuff to hide or show the chat. You can manually toggle the visibility of the chat in the code, but the empty space on the very right doesn't get removed. (stylish does not allow javascript manipulation, perhaps I'll add a greasemonkey version if I increase my javascript skills)
I removed the "trending stuff" which just takes up space for nothing, and made the posts itself more wide.
If it isn't wide enough for you, just increase the 150% to 170% or 200% (or even higher, depending on your screen) on the 6th line.

Will add colors on a seperate style if I find time.

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