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Status: Late Alpher

Q: What is "Project: ABE" ?
A: ABE or 'A Better Experience' aims at improving the user-experience by hiding unwanted & annoying elements.
See: Kurim@userstyles for more information

Q: Does your styles run on Firefox as well as Chrome?
A: Yes and moreso; aim is all Stylish-supported browsers.

More info
todo: restore advanced search, unblock 18+ acceptance box, *kill the mouse-hook popups (fixed?)

changelog v1.6.1115:
* anti-ads: removed video-overlapping adcontainers from nosvideo

changelog v1.6.0821/2:
* anti-scam: blocked access to the .to tld
* anti-scam: removed the 'register a free account to watch' scumlord bullshit scam dick move tactic
* patch: changed the url matching type to locate primewire regardless of tld

changelog v1.6.0528:
* patch: updated ratings and fixed/removed promo links

Previous changes:
* misc/upd: updated some page-ratings
* anti-junk: removed the "secure link" option: install a addon like ghostery, adblock/+ and/or uBlock Origin if you're concerned about trackers and privacy, don't give these clowns your money.
* anti-shit: banned & nuked fake/clickbait/scam-site ''
* misc/upd: updated some stream-service ratings
* big rewrite and cleanup, report broken features, i might convert this into a greasemonkey project
* anti-ads: added a wide iframe block
* anti-jnk: added strict content matching for the body area limiting the loading of junk
* patch: updated the right-menu ad-remover
* anti-ads: removed the mid body ad-box container
* patch: fixed the promo-scam nuker to match latest site update
* anti-ads: working on a popup blocker (this will deal with some of the x2clicking)
* anti-ads: updated promtfile again (todo: onclick popup)
* anti-ads: update for promptfile
* anti-ads: update for sharesix and videome
* anti-ads: removed scam/sponsored videolinks and scam/sponsored downloads
* main anti-ads: blocked out right-nav ads, sponsor urls and a few bad mirrors
* murl anti-ads: removed a lot of clicktraps and virus urls from the stream mirrors

Applies to:
https://www.primewire., http://www.primewire.,, More »

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