The Dark Reddit (Fixed v2)

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An updated version of the classic The Dark Reddit style to fix issues caused by site changes since the previous version was abandoned.

I have made fixes and put them on Userstyles for the benefit of others as the original has not been updated in more than 5 years. I have carried on maintaining this theme with permission from the theme originator, chromakode. (See screenshots)

The main goal of this theme is to leave the default layout of Reddit relatively unchanged while making everything dark and easy on the eyes.

Please note that this theme is NOT designed to be used with custom subreddit styles enabled in preferences or Reddit Enhancement Suite.

The older Poppeseed version can be found here:

More info
Newest changes added to top of this list.

* Various layout and button fixes, working on hunting down those little inconsistencies. (Mar 6th)

* Major overall theme changes. Elimination of bright borders, more consistently grouped background shades, everything a touch darker, bordering and rounded edges more consistent, layout tweaked for space, rows coloring added for frontpage and comments for easier reading.
* Fixed a number of issues with preferences tabs and pages.
* Fixes for backgrounds, borders and some popups, share box and sidebar recently viewed links. Plus massive fixes for the Reddit Gold stuff
* An assortment of many small tweaks to fix Reddit changes, specifically to the multireddit sidebar, various font colors, the report box and moderator mail pages
* Now that layout issues have largely been resolved. I am now working on reducing bright color elements in order to make the dark theme consistent
* Shrunk text entry boxes that were too wide for page layouts
* Fixed several areas with improper color attributes in moderator and wiki subreddit configuration pages
* Fixed background color issue with sidebar messages from the site. (Privacy, TOS, etc)
* Fixed missing numbers and bullet points for lists in comments
* Fixed background color issue in preference for Gold option
* Fixed background color issue in Banned Users subreddit moderation tool
* Darkened background for new Reddit "infobar"
* Darken "no new mail" icon
* Slightly darkened unvoted link scores
* Tweaked "Happening Now" box
* Reddit Gold Box and Top Nav Bar tweaks
* Multireddit sidebar made dark
* Emergency update to the image sprite code due to reddit-side changes
* Lots of general cleanup and fixes (simplified rules)
* Darkened Moderator Log page
* Darkened Moderator/Subreddit Stats page
* Fixed that annoying "#reddit on freenode" sidebar issue with H3
* Removed some additional Header rule conflicts
* Standardized Header font sizes and types to all match
* Darkened Show All postcount button in threads
* Darkened "Give Gold" popup hoverbox
* Darkened Gold progress bar popup
* Gave context of deleted post highlight a muted yellow background (previously white)
* Cleaned up SR CSS Toggle and Flair Toggle options
* New and improved flair positioning and indicator in sidebar
* Darkened multi-subreddit selector hoverbox
* Darkened Subscribe/Unsubscribe button text
* Made Moderation buttons more readable with black button text
* Gold newpost time selector and highlights darkened
* Gold timeleft box in profile darkened
* Fixed black text in private and modmail PMs
* Darkened subreddit creation page
* Darkened the Reddit Gold progress box in the sidebar
* Depadded the sidebar bloat
* Login box no longer orange, modal popup login/new account box now dark
* Fixed linked via context post background color issues
* Voting arrows now darker again
* Missing thumbnail and expand video/discussion icon also darkened. These will be worked on to look better but they're now independent of the site's original theme
* Trophy area in profile themed to dark
* Server time stats (Reddit Gold) themed to dark
* Report link/post dialog now dark
* Buttons now visible on dark (formerly black, now grey)
* Minor font tweaks in various areas where there was not enough contrast (Submission pages)
* Footer, MD, OL, H1, H2, H3, H4, H5 styled to better match dark theme
* Major changes to submission pages, text input fields
* Child comment, table and blockquote borders now reduced in intensity
* Now plays better on some subreddits that use custom styles. Though it is still strongly recommended that you disable custom subreddit styles to keep everything pleasantly dark
* Code Markdown and Pagination links themed to better match dark theme
* Moderation links and moderated subreddit flair/mod status links themed to better match dark theme
* Flair (both user and link) code changed to better match dark theme
* TD, TH, STRONG styles added to match body text color
* Custom arrows are disabled (commented out of CSS) to make voting arrows visible again
* Bullet point lists added to match body text color

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